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Limit announcements when people join groups

Posted by A Genius Donor Using KDR Monday, September 14 2015, 12:26 AM

I moderate a group on this site. When people join the group, it is announced on the group timeline. Is it possible for me, as the moderator, to stop that for all viewers? I would prefer that people see postings of discussions, resources, questions, etc. at the top of the timeline. However, those are all bumped down by the list of people who have joined.

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Yes please. I don't want to be notified every time someone new joins the group. Is there not a way to turn this off via a "settings" menu of some sort?
This is definitely something you can turn off for yourself, although I agree it would be better to be able to get rid of it for an entire group.

To turn it off for your own account, go to the drop-down menu next to your image in the blue MyKDR toolbar. Select Notification Settings in the Preferences group at the bottom.

Click on Groups, and change the notifications you get when someone joins a group.


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