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Set inactive users to some status other than "Available"

From greatChoiceSanDiego
I think many new recipients might find the "Browse Users" option, then it would make sense for them to select "Available Sperm Donors". Unfortunately, this simply lists all donors with 'Available' status in order of join date. There are two donors on the first page that have not logged in to KDR in over 3 years.

I might suggest a new policy that if a member does not log in within 12 months, their status be set to inactive or 'Taking a Break'. That is, if this process could be handled automatically. Its easy enough to log in a single time in a year, or to reset your status if you come back after a long break - you probably would need to update your profile anyway.

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I was thinking of something similar. I took a leap to write several sperm donors who had not logged in in a couple years. My search pool is fairly small, so I thought it was worth the effort. I have yet to hear from a single one.

I think the automatic system switch to 'inactive' or 'taking a break' after a period of inactivity such as a year, could be valuable for people in their search. However, it would also be beneficial to keep how long it's been since they've been active on the site as it states now, if possible.


I am downer

Sorry for the late reply, but I didn't see this before.  The "Available Sperm Donors" search filter does now order by most recent login.  I don't think it would make sense to change people's statuses after a certain period of inactivity, as there are plenty of donors that never log in unless they're contacted by someone.  If someone hasn't logged in for over a year, then it's unlikely they'll respond, but not impossible.

One problem we're having right now is that emails to Yahoo addresses (and sometimes Hotmail/Live/Outlook addresses) are being blocked by spam filters, so they're simply not being received.  We're still working on that.

Every profile page shows when users registered and when they last logged on, and it's also possible to search by those criteria btw.

Sorry Ak123113, but I don't understand your comment.

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