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Dating messages in a thread

Is it possible to time stamp every message in a thread (from both recipient and donor) with the day's date?

I know it may seem a bit redundant if both people send a message on the same day. However when an individual message is long, it's easy to lose track of what day that message was sent if the next message was sent on the same day, and therefore currently is not dated. Also, it can be confusing without a date on each message when, for example, one (from me, a recipient) is marked with the date at 20:05, then the next message (from the donor) has no date and the time at the bottom says 02:54.

I just checked my inbox on Facebook to see how they do it, and because there are some similarities in how this site appears. They have a full line with the date in the middle dividing messages once the day changes. Each message is also labeled with the date and time (i.e. 6/12, 8:00pm) across from the senders name. Military time (or whatever other name it goes by) would still work but be much clearer if it followed the date, as in this example.

Thank you for considering my request! I am very grateful for this service.

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Hi Christina, this is a really good suggestion, and I will definitely add it as a feature request on the developer's website. It may already be there, and if it is I will do my best to get it higher on the list.

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