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Messaging system and chat not working

 It seems the messaging system is not working. Normal messaging does not allow the typing of messages. The chat does, but it does not seem to send the message out. It shows up, but as soon as the chat is refreshed, it is gone. Also, all recent messages received show up as "3 hours ago", even though they are older.

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If you click on the icon at the left of the blue menu bar and choose conversations, that should work, or you can use this link:

If that doesn't work, please try using another browser, and if that doesn't work, please tell us what device and browser you're using, and if possible send a screenshot.

regards, Mark

Hi Mark, please see attached. The messaging system does not show any box where to input a reply. It's just not there. The chat does, but it does not store messages. When refreshing, the messages I just sent, are gone. Same problem in chrome and firefox.


Same in internet explorer/MS edge.


This is strange, especially as it seems to be working for me in Chrome.  I just sent you two test messages from "ml66uk2" (my other account with no administrator privileges).

Could you send me a screenshot of this page, with as little as possible blanked out:

There should be a "Conversations" button towards the top left of the screen, and at the bottom, there should be a box where you can type which says in grey "Write your reply and hit the ctrl + enter key or click on the reply button to send your message".

thanks, Mark

Here it is Mark. The write your reply box is missing. I have used it before. But right now it does not show up, or so it seems.

What happens if you click on my username on the left hand side?

Here a screen shot replying to you in the chat window. I just refreshed the conversation, and the message I just sent, visible in the screen shot, is gone. Did you receive it?

This is what I get, even without clicking on a username though, so I don't understand why you're not getting the box to type in at the bottom of the page:


No, I didn't get your message. :(   (I thought you were asking if I'd got the screenshot).

You could also try sending me a message from my profile page:  (white envelope icon on the left of the blue menu bar)

It's after 4am here in the UK, so I'm going to have to leave this shortly.  I'll inform Beth ( about the issue, but if you find a fix or workaround, please let us know.

Have you been archiving conversations? - it says "Your conversation has been unarchived" in green.

I don't normally click on the blue circle at the bottom right of that screen btw.

Hi Mark,

if you did not get the message, then it was not sent, even though I sent it via chat. I used to have that box allowing me to send messages, now I don't have it. Tried it in 3 different browsers, it's not working, I have not found a fix.

Hi Mark, can we be careful with the privacy please. Pictures of users in your screen shot. I am now not even able to message anybody anymore. Usually I was able to message a friend. Now the button is gone. And also I think I would have been able to message any registered user, even without being friends. Although I never did this. I am not able to do that either. Has something been blocked on my account? It almost seems so?

Confirmed, it is an issue with the profile. I seem to be blocked from contacting anybody. I created a second profile, mock profile. When I click your username I get the option (black envelope on white background) to contact you. I have done so just now. If you got that message this likely means it is not an issue with my computer or browser, but with the profile. Has it been blocked for some reason?

Update:  This problem seems to have fixed itself, though it's not clear why. }:-<  I should have suggested rebooting or using a different device.

The screenshot I emailed earlier didn't really seem to pose any privacy issues btw.  The name of someone I've messaged with (about messaging issues as it happens) was there, but nothing else.

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