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Activation Code

Activation code not working.

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This sometimes happens because the emails are blocked by spam filters or diverted to spam folders (or the GoogleMail promotions tab).  I've activated your account manually, and you should be able to log in with your email address or username tiffanyrv88.

If you find/receive the activation email in a spam folder, please mark it as "not spam".  You should also have received a follow-up email from me ( on the same day, so if you find that in a spam folder, please mark that as "not spam" too.
Once you're logged in, you can click on "Find a Match" from the top menu, and use search criteria like these:
"Member Type" "is equal to" "Sperm Donor"
"Donation Category" "is equal to" "Sperm"
"Donation Type(s)" "is equal to" "AI"
"Status" "is equal to" "Available"
"Location" "Distance" "within (miles)" "50" "(your location)"
(just type in your zip code or city and choose from the dropdown list)
eg as in appended screenshot
With most browsers, you can open each search result in a new tab to avoid re-running the search (usually with right-click on a mouse, or long-press on a touch screen). It will be easier on a PC or laptop than a phone or tablet. Not all the donors listed will still be contactable, but even some that haven't logged in for a long time may still be available if messaged.
There is more information here: 

This post has some other suggestions: 

Good luck with the site!!


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