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The advanced search tool allows you to search for users that meet criteria you define. You can save search filters and come back to them at any time.

First, you have to have to be logged in, or the "Find a Match" option won't appear.  

Then, you can click on "Find a Match" towards the left of the top menu, or depending on your window size and browser, you may have to click on the 3 line menu icon at the top right of the window against a pink background, then select "Find a Match" from the dropdown menu.

If you still can't see the "Find a Match" menu option, try logging out then back in again, or deleting your browser cache, or using a different browser.

This link should also work:

Once you're at the search screen, you select the criteria from the drop-down that you want to search on.


For each criterion that you choose, fill in what you want to search for:


Try adding the Location field to search for users near you:

  1. Click New Criteria and select Location
  2. On the drop-down, choose Distance
  3. Fill in the number of miles to search around your location
  4. Type in a location eg your zip code or city and choose from the dropdown list,
    OR click "Detect Location" to choose from a list where you are now


Continue adding criteria until you are satisfied.

Select the options that you want at the bottom, and click Search. We recommend leaving them mostly the way they are.


Here is an example of a search to find available AI donors within 50 miles of a location:

Important Search Tips!

Open profiles in a new tab or window - Instead of clicking on "View Profile," most browsers will allow you to open each search result in a new tab (usually with right-click on a mouse, or long-press on a touch screen). This will keep your search results open, and you won't have to fill it all in again.

Keep the search as general as you can - the more specific you make your search, the fewer results you will get

Use a large screen - You will probably find it easier to search on a PC or laptop rather than a phone or tablet.

My search is not turning up any results. What do I do?

If you have an empty search criterion, then nothing will be returned. Clicking "SEARCH" again should run the search without empty criteria though.

Check your selections, and make sure you don't have any conflicts. For instance, if you are selecting "Member Type" "Surrogate" and "Looking For" "Sperm", you probably won't get any results.

As with anything, if you run into trouble using Advanced Search, drop us a line in Discussions > Using KDR or through Contact Us.

Did you know - you can also SAVE this search and use it later? Here's how!