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Can you make an extra searchable field for what are you looking for?

Hi I was wondering if you would be able to implement a searchable field like you have for location, donation type etc, for what the recipient is looking for.

For example, the recipient can select from a drop down menu on their profile that they are looking for a White or black donor for instance. This would allow donors who may offer travel to easily be able to search for them without reading every profile and finding that they do not fit the criteria. This Idea can be expanded upon to allow for multiple drop down selections if the recipient has a few races in mind. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this will be considered. 

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That's an interesting suggestion, and I'll alert Beth to this request, but I suspect it would be too difficult to implement:

1) we'd have to make it an optional field, (since it only applies to recipients, and we already have existing users), and most people simply wouldn't fill it in.  The field could also be used to show that donor will only donate for certain races, but while that's allowed, it's controversial, and I'm not sure what we'd call the field without it causing confusion.  (lots of people are already confused about "Member Type", and it looks most people don't know how to choose multiple ethnic backgrounds with the Ctrl key)

2) If we have a searchable field to show that what race of donor people are looking for, then someone could ask for similar fields for eye/hair color, or height.  Lots of people seem to struggle with the search facility already, and adding more search criteria will make that worse.

3) It's been a surprisingly expensive and painful process getting the current search facility to work properly, and we have to check it every upgrade.

4) it's usually recipients that search for donors anyway, rather than the other way round.  There are some donors that search for recipients, but we have the problem that new recipients can get dozens of donor contacting them, even when they're nowhere near, or not what the recipient has said they're looking for.  Some new recipients leave the site as a result.

regards, Mark

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